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RITE Project - FERC No. P-12611

RITE Project Licensing Documents

RITE Project License No. P-12611 (Jan 2012 - Dec 2021)

RITE Project FERC License No. P-12611 

RITE Project FERC License [PDF - 155 KB]

Errata Notice [PDF - 11 KB]

RITE Project Original License Application (2010)

RITE Project Kinetic Hydropower Pilot License Application (December 2010)

Volume 1:  Initial Statement, Revised Process Plan and Justification Statement, Communication and Consultation Records, FERC Exhibit A and Summary of Pre-Commercial Development and Demonstration

Full Volume 1 [PDF - 7.6 MB]

Volume 2: FERC Exhibit E Environmental Report and Exhibit G Project Boundary Map

Part 1 [PDF - 7.6 MB]

Part 2 [PDF - 9.5 MB]

Volume 4: RITE Monitoring of Environmental Effects (RMEE) Plans, Appendices A & B summarizing supporting fishery information, ESA, EFH
Part 1  [PDF - 4.4 MB]

Part 2 [PDF - 8.3 MB]
Part 3 [PDF - 5.2 MB]

* Volume 3 of the License Application contains Critical Energy Infrastructure Information and is not available for public viewing.

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