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Licensing Documents

RITE Project Relicensing: Application for Subsequent FERC License (December 2019)

Volume 1: Initial Statement and Exhibit A Project Description [PDF - 2.4 MB]

Volume 2: Exhibit E Environmental Review [PDF - 4.5 MB]

Volume 4: Supplemental Environmental Data: Monitoring Plans, Biological Assessments [PDF - 3.3 MB]

* Volume 3 of the License Application contains Critical Energy Infrastructure Information and is not available for public viewing.

RITE Project Relicensing: Pre-Application Documents (August 2018)

Verdant Power Notice of Intent to Relicense Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy Project

Addendum to Verdant Power RITE Draft License Application

RITE Project FERC License No. P-12611 (January 2012)

RITE Pilot Project License

Errata Notice

RITE Project FERC License Application (December 2010)

Volume 1:  Initial Statement, Revised Process Plan and Justification Statement, Communication and Consultation Records, FERC Exhibit A and Summary of Pre-Commercial Development and Demonstration 

     Part 1 of 1

Volume 2: FERC Exhibit E Environmental Report and Exhibit G Project Boundary Map

     Part 1: Application; Proposed Action and Alternatives; Consultation and Compliance; Environmental Analysis, Geology and Soils,

     Water Resources, Aquatic Resources


     Part 2: Terrestrial Resources, RTE Species, Recreational Resources, Navigation and Land Use, Aesthetic Resources, Cultural

     Resources, Tribal Resources and Socio-economic Resources; Exhibit G 

Volume 4: RITE Monitoring of Environmental Effects (RMEE) Plans, Appendices A & B summarizing supporting fishery information, ESA, EFH
     Part 1: RMEE Plans

     Part 2: Appendix A - Summary of RITE Project Hydroacoustic Data
     Part 3: Appendix B - Summary of RITE Project DIDSON Observations, ESA, EFH

* Volume 3 of the Final Pilot License Application contains Critical Energy Infrastructure Information and is not available for public viewing.


Technical Papers

Parameter Updates to Probabilistic Tidal Turbine-Fish Interaction Model - METS (2016)

Chris Tomichek, Kleinschmidt; Jonathan Colby, Verdant Power; Mark Bevelhimer, ORNL; and Mary Ann Adonizio, Verdant Power


Fish Behavioral Response During Hydrokinetic Turbine Encounters: Applying Multi-Beam Hydroacoustic Results to a Fish-Turbine Interaction Model - METS (2015)

Mark Bevelhimer, ORNL; Constantin Scherelis, ORNL; Jonathan Colby, Verdant Power; Chris Tomichek, Kleinschmidt; and Mary Ann Adonizio, Verdant Power

Tidal Energy Site Resource Assessment in the East River Tidal Strait - Renewable Energy No. 71 (2014)
Budi Gunawan and Vincent S. Neary, Sandia National Laboratories; Jonathan A. Colby, Verdant Power, Inc. 

Tagged Species Detection: Approach to Monitoring Marine Species at Marine and Hydrokinetic Projects - METS (2014)

Chris Tomichek, Kleinschmidt; Jonathan Colby and Mary Ann Adonizio, Verdant Power; Michael Frisk and Keith Dunton, Stony Brook University;

Dewayne Fox, Delaware State University; Adrian Jordaan, University of Massachusetts

Superstorm Sandy and the Verdant Power RITE Project - METS (2014)

Dean Corren, Jonathan Colby, and Mary Ann Adonizio

From Demonstration to Market: Evolving System Moves Toward Commercial Viability - SNAME Marine Technology (2013)

Dean Corren


Numerical Simulation of 3D Flow Past a Real-Life Marine and Hydrokinetic Turbine - Advances in Water Resources No. 39 (2012)

Seokkoo Kang, Iman Borazjani, and Fotis Sotiropoulos, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory; Jonathan Colby, Verdant Power

Inflow Measurement in a Tidal Strait for Deploying Tidal Current Turbines: Lessons, Opportunities and Challenges - OMAE (2010)

Ye Li, Neil Kelley, Bonnie Jonkman, Robert Thresher, and Scott Hughes, NREL; Jonathan Colby, Verdant Power

Latest News

EMEC to Assess Free Flow System Performance

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) will provide an independent performance assessment of Verdant Power’s 5th Generation (Gen5) Free Flow System to be deployed at the RITE Project in 2020.  By independently measuring the system's performance, EMEC will add credibility to operational results and set a new standard for tidal energy technology developers to meet globally.  More >

Verdant Power Secures $6 Million Funding for Final System Demonstration at RITE Project

Verdant Power has received $6 million in funding for the next phase of its program to advance the development of the Company’s tidal power system and TriFrame mount at its RITE Project in New York City's East River.  The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has approved $3M in co-funding support for the third phase of Verdant Power’s project that will qualify its tidal power system through to final test, demonstration and commercialization.  More >

Verdant Power Co-Founder Appointed to US Department of Commerce's Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee

Trey Taylor, Verdant Power Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, has been appointed by US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross to serve a fifth consecutive term on the Department’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee (REEEAC).  The REEEAC is composed of senior private sector representatives that provide advice to the Secretary of Commerce on the development and administration of programs and policies to expand the export competitiveness of US renewable energy and energy efficiency products and services.  More >

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