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Verdant Power Partners with Ireland's Belleville Duggan Renewables Ltd. to Form Verdant Isles

(March 2016) -- Verdant Power, Inc. and Ireland’s Belleville Duggan Renewables Ltd. have partnered to establish Verdant Isles Ltd, a joint venture to develop tidal energy projects in Ireland and the United Kingdom.   

Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) studies have demonstrated tidal current energy’s potential in Ireland as an economic driver and source of clean energy.  SEAI has projected “viable” tidal current energy resources of some 900 GWh per year to be developed in Irish waters.  Verdant Isles expects to be in the vanguard in meaningfully leveraging this resource.  Development of just half of this would mean an investment of more than €150 million, plus the potential to create up to 250 Irish jobs in the resulting global supply chain.

In parallel with developing sites in Ireland and the UK, Verdant Isles plans to establish a manufacturing base in the region that will become part of a global supply chain for marine energy devices.  Further research into Ireland’s accessible energy resources will also be an integral part of the joint venture. With these combined capacities, Verdant Isles represents an opportunity to further propel Ireland as a leader in the deployment of marine energy projects.

“Our goal is to become one of the leading project developers in the clean-tech sector” stated John Gleeson of Bellville Duggan Renewables.  “To achieve this, we need to be aligned with technology developers at the forefront of their respective areas.  Belleville Duggan Renewables is excited to announce the establishment of Verdant Isles as a partnership with Verdant Power – a world leader in the design and application of marine energy solutions.”

“The establishment of Verdant Isles allows Verdant Power to develop opportunities in Ireland and the UK by partnering with a locally-based EPC renewable energy contractor and developer with whom the company has established a strong working relationship,” stated Trey Taylor, co-founder of Verdant Power.

Belleville Duggan Renewables was established by Duggan Brothers (Contractors) Ltd. in response to the growing market in the renewable energy sector, both in Ireland and the UK.  Further to extensive research into the available technologies, the company has concentrated its initial efforts on partnering with developers of groundbreaking technologies.  In order to bring these technologies to the UK and Irish market, Duggan Brothers has formed strategic partnerships with leading European and U.S. technology providers. 

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