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EMEC to Assess Free Flow System Performance at RITE Project

(April 2019) -- The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) will provide an

independent performance assessment of Verdant Power’s 5th Generation

(Gen5) Free Flow System to be deployed for commercial demonstration

at the RITE Project in 2020. 


The deployment will be comprised of three Gen5 turbines mounted on a

Verdant Power TriFrame™.  Verdant Power secured $6M in funding for the

effort in late 2018, including support from the US Department of Energy and

the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).  


EMEC will aim to extend its ISO/IEC accreditation as a test laboratory to

assess the performance of the three Gen5 turbines using international

technical specifications and seek to issue the first marine energy test

report through the IECRE System.  By independently measuring the

system's performance, EMEC will add credibility to operational results,

and set a new standard for tidal energy technology developers to

meet globally.


Ron Smith, Verdant Power Co-Founder and President, said:


“Our efforts at the RITE Project over the last decade have allowed us to advance our technology, and the marine energy industry, in significant ways.  As such, working with EMEC, the world’s premier marine energy test facility, is a natural fit for us.  The addition of their technical expertise and particularly their independent third-party verification of our system’s performance is key as we bring the technology to market. 


Furthermore, utilizing the newly formed IECRE System and issuing the world’s first Renewable Energy Test Report (RETR) for the assessment of power performance for a tidal energy converter not only supports our company mission but also advances the marine energy industry at large.”

Oliver Wragg, EMEC’s Commercial Director, said:


“As a stage for the world’s first tidal energy performance assessment, you couldn’t ask for somewhere higher profile than New York City.

EMEC has been central to the development of standards for marine energy for nearly two decades, and we will bring these skills to bear on the RITE Project. Verdant Power are an innovative company with a strong vision for where they are heading, and we are delighted they have selected EMEC to be part of that vision.  This will be the first time EMEC has carried out an off-site performance assessment, and potentially the first marine energy test report issued through the IECRE. This will set a new bar for tidal energy technologies globally.”


EMEC has been a major driver of the development in international standards for ocean energy.  In 2007, EMEC developed a suite of guideline documents, six of which have been progressed to become international technical specifications – including the one which will be used at the RITE Project.


EMEC was the first organisation in the world to acquire accreditation as an international test laboratory for marine energy and is one of only two bodies to hold such status today.


Rendering of TriFrame™ Installation at the RITE Project

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