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Verdant Power Director Receives Prestigious '1906 Award'

(November 2015) -- The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has awarded Verdant Power Director of Technology Performance Jonathan Colby with its prestigious 1906 Award. The award is given annually to technical experts from around the world whose work has made significant contributions to the IEC and the electrotechnical industry, which covers products ranging from ovens and mobile phones to nanotechnology, microprocessors and renewable energy systems.

Jonathan Colby

Mr. Colby has held leadership positions within the IEC since joining the body in 2008 as a US subject matter expert on marine energy.  Today, he serves as Chair of the Marine Energy Operational Management Committee (ME-OMC) of the IEC’s Conformity Assessment System for Renewable Energy (IECRE), a group Mr. Colby helped establish alongside representatives from the wind and solar-photovoltaic energy industries to focus on the development of a single, global certification system for renewable energy equipment based on International Standards.  The ME-OMC is currently comprised of eight member bodies from Asia, North America and Europe and is actively developing unique certification products for the Marine Energy Sector. 


In addition to his activities in conformity assessment, Mr. Colby also serves as the Technical Advisor for the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to IEC Technical Committee (TC) 114.  In this role he represents the United States as Head of Delegates at TC 114 plenary meetings and leads the TAG activities within the US. 


“The work of the IEC often goes unnoticed to the general public,” said Mr. Colby, “but it is absolutely crucial to the safe and reliable operation of technologies and systems around the world.  To be recognized from among so many incredible contributors to the IEC is truly an honor.” 


Established in 1906, the IEC is the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic, and related technologies.  Close to 20,000 experts from industry, commerce, government, test and research labs, academia, and consumer groups participate in IEC Standardization work. 

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