Water Power

Verdant Power systems generate

clean energy from the currents

of tides, rivers, and canals.

Project Briefs

Generation 5 Free Flow System

Advancement of the Gen5 Free Flow System continues based on the success  of prior generation operations. The technology represents the company's commercial standard system, which is tailored to sites.  More >

TriFrame™ Design and Cost Reductions

Verdant Power is in the final stages of a multi-phase project with support from the US Department of Energy to lower deployment and retrieval costs through the design advancement and operation of the company's TriFrame™ mount, which installs and retrieves three turbines at once.  More >

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Resource Assessment and Project Development

Verdant Power is currently conducting resource assessment and feasibility analysis (RAFA) studies to develop new tidal and river energy projects in areas including the UK, Asia, Canada, and Africa.  More >

Latest News

Company Progresses toward Autumn 2020 Installation of Gen5 Free Flow System at RITE Project

Turbine and TriFrame™ assembly in New Jersey ramps up for demonstration and commercialization of the Gen5 Free Flow System at the RITE Project site in New York City's East River.  More >

EMEC to Assess Free Flow System Performance at RITE Project

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) will provide an independent performance assessment of Verdant Power’s 5th Generation (Gen5) Free Flow System to be deployed at the RITE Project in 2020.  By independently measuring the system's performance, EMEC will add credibility to operational results and set a new standard for tidal energy technology developers to meet globally.  More >

$6 Million Funding Secured by Verdant Power for Final System Demonstration at RITE Project

Verdant Power has received $6 million in funding for the next phase of its program to advance the development of the Company’s tidal power system and TriFrame™ mount at its RITE Project in New York City's East River.  The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has approved $3M in co-funding support for the third phase of Verdant Power’s project that will qualify its tidal power system through to final test, demonstration and commercialization.  More >

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